Zeminar will highlight academic business journals in this section. There are various organizations that rank peer-reviewed journals, including universities themselves. Often these rankings are used within business schools to help assess a tenure-track professor’s publishing progress and viability for tenure. For example, some might grant tenure within 5 years for “two published articles in A-ranked journals” or “one published article in an A-ranked journal and two in B-ranked journal” and so forth. Zeminar will provide those business school rankings that it has researched and found online, or that are provided to our organization by the business schools themselves. Often, for various reasons, the rankings are not published online, but lists and rankings are circulated internally. We welcome these ranking lists and ask that you send them to us if you are a business school at a research university.

50 Journals used in FT Research Rank

Alberta School of Business

Benedictine University

Scimago Journal & Country Rank