Newly Published paper on the Entrepreneurial University by CoFounder of Zeminar

The Cofounder of Zeminar Education, Michael Clouser, recently published a relevant paper of interest that discusses models of industry interaction for the entrepreneurial university that have been been used successfully in practice. Look for a future research seminar course to be built around this theme of “The Entrepreneurial University”.

The article is entitled “Shaping the entrepreneurial university: Two Experiments and a proposal for innovation in higher education” and was published in Industry and Higher Education on 09 February 2021.  The co-authors include Dr. Henry Etzkowitz of the International Triple Helix Institute in Stanford, California, USA and Dr. James Dzisha of the University of Ghana in Africa.

The research paper’s abstract reads as follows:

“The paper delineates three elements of an entrepreneurial university in practice through innovations demonstrating the academic entrepreneurial transition: the Novum Trivium, Professors of Practice (PoPs) and Link initiatives. The Novum Trivium provides a model for the integration of entrepreneurship into a liberal arts curriculum, so that students learn how to put their knowledge to use and acquire a new language and new cultural understanding to interact globally. The PoPs initiative interlinks firm and university through shared dual roles in each setting, attracting back to the university on half-time basis scientific entrepreneurs from industry to serve as entrepreneurial role models. The Link projects build on ties between a leading entrepreneurial university (Stanford) and an aspiring one (Edinburgh), taking advantage of the fact that each university is already embedded in its region and could be linked to the other’s entrepreneurial culture. The paper demonstrates how industry and higher education are integrated by these initiatives, with the elements of each embedded in the other through shared resources, people and practices.”

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